The Ultimate Clean Eating Grocery List

Back then when I wrote this post to help you figure out what should be on a Clean Eating shopping list, I also created this handy Food List below.

I thought that, just like me, you might need an easy list to stick in your kitchen and refer to.

So you can easily figure out what belongs to a clean eating kitchen, fridge, pantry, just like I did.

So you can take it (or take a pix of it, or save it on your phone) when you go shopping, in case you’re unsure what to stock up on.

So there you are. I give you…

The Ultimate Clean Eating Grocery List

Go ahead, you can just click on the link below to download it in pdf format.

SimplyGoClean’s Clean Eating Grocery List (pdf)

This is what it looks like.

SimplyGoClean Grocery List

The “Ultimate” Clean Eating Grocery List, really?

Now, as much as I called this the Ultimate Clean Eating Grocery List, well it’s not the Ultimate one. Let’s be honest. Because I strongly believe in bio-individuality. What is this? It’s simply considering everybody as an individual, and therefore *every* *body* as individual too.

Which explains why, within the same family, like our family, we can’t all eat the same thing.

Which explains why some individuals will fare better on plant-based diets, while others won’t deal with starches and sugar that well and will need a more protein- and fat-rich diet.

Which is why at SimplyGoClean, we don’t advocate for a specific type of diet or another.

Because, actually, any diet can be “clean”, as long as the food is as close to its natural state as possible, and was subjected to the minimal amount of processes. This principle can be applied to any diet, whether vegetarian, vegan, paleo, ketogenic, gluten-free or other.

Which means… that this list is actually just the start of Your Ultimate Clean Eating Grocery List. Because I’ve listed meat and fish, and you might not want to eat those. Or because the list contains some gluten-containing ingredients, and you might not be able to digest those.

So here’s Your Ultimate Clean Eating Grocery List,

in editable Word format, so you can make it totally yours.

SimplyGoClean’s Clean Eating Grocery List (docx)

Please note that I created this list in Windows (for you Mac users out there), so it might not look quite the same when you open it…

I hope will be of use to you in your journey to a cleaner plate. If you think it could be improved, please let me know in the comments below, somebody else out there will be grateful for your suggestions!

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Clean eating Grocery List

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